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Genealogy - General:

A Guide to Genealogy: History at Home
Bureau of Land Management - Land Patent Database
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Ellis Island - American Family Immigration History Center
European Archival Network
FEEFHS - Federation of East European Family History Societies
Find A Grave
GenCircles Database
genealogyPro! - Professional Genealogists and Genealogy Services Directory
GeneaNet - Database Search
GenForum Message Boards -
Getting Started with Genealogy on the Web
Article from The Global Gazette - LDS FamilySearch©, Using The Batch Numbers
NARA U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
New York Passenger Lists 1847-1897 - Resources for Finding Home Page
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project (databases)
Social Security Death Index Interactive Search-Rootsweb
USGenWeb Archives Newsletter

Genealogy - German Script:

Cyndi's List - Germany, Deutschland - Language, Handwriting and Script
LDS FamilySearch© - Research Guidance, Handwriting
Learn Suetterlin - German hand
Old German handwritten scripts -

Genealogy - Germany: - Das deutsche genealogische Webverzeichnis (German language only)
Archives in Germany - Andreas Hanacek
Berufsbezeichnungen fuer Familienforscher - (German language only)
Cyndi's List - Germany - Deutschland
Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) - Evangelical Church in Germany (German and English)
Evangelisches Zentral Archiv in Berlin - Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin (German and English)
FAQ--Regional German, Adalbert Goertz's
Genealogie - Links - Ahnenforschung Klaus Bartels
Genealogie Bookmarks (German language only)
Genealogy in historical Eastern Germany - Hauke Fehlberg's
German Genealogical and Historical Resources
German Genealogical Symbols and Abbreviations
German Genealogy - Genealogical Symbols and Abbreviations - (German language only)
A German Immigration Diary - Michael Friedrich Radke, 1848
German Interest Group - Wisconsin
German Naming Customs - Pennsylvania - 18th Century
German Occupations - (German language only)
German-Polish and Polish-German names of the localities in Poland and Russia. ATS notes.
German Professions, Occupations, Illnesses -
German Roots - Basic Research Outline for German Genealogy -
German Roots - Online German Emigration Databases -
German Roots - Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet
German Words - German Study Group
German War Grave Search - Volksbund - (German language only)
Germanic Genealogy Links
Germans to America - Holding Libraries - Lists of Passengers Arriving at US Ports 185-1897,1840s -
Germans to America - IGS Searches - Glazier and Filby Series (1850-1897)
Germans to America - Information on the Books and CD-Roms
Germans to America - Some German Passengers Missing
Germany GenWeb Project
Germany History - Fact Monster
Gutshäuser und Schlösser - Estates and Castles (German language only)
Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934 -
Immigrant Genealogy Society (IGS)
Imperial German Photographs
Internetquellen zur Genealogie des deutschen Sprachraumes - Internet Genealogy Sources for German Speaking Areas (German language only)
Karin Schoepke's English Homepage for Genealogy
LDS FamilySearch© - FamilySearch Homepage
LDS FamilySearch© - Family History Library Catalog
MetaGer - German Internet Search Engine
Odessa German-Russian Genealogy Library
Ortsfamilienbü language only)
Resources for Genealogists in German-speaking Areas -

Genealogy-Germany, Brandenburg:

Brandenburg, Germany - GenWeb Project
Evangelische Kirche in Berlin-Brandenburg (EKiBB) (German language only)

Genealogy-Germany, Mecklenburg/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:

Mitch Blank's Genealogy Site - Mecklenburg, Pommern
The Garling Homepage - Genealogy in Mecklenburg
German Genealogy Mecklenburg - Vorpommern -
Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin
Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin-General Information(German/English)
Maps Locating Village Churches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (German language only)
Die Meckelborg Website
Mecklenburg Franco-Prussian (1870-71) War Dead Surname Index
Mecklenburg Gazetteer and 1819 Census Guide
MFP Mecklenburgkontakte - Contact Database (German/English)
Schubert, Franz - Books (Karin Schoepke)
Verein für Mecklenburgische Familien und Personengeschte e.V (German/English)
Vorpommern Infoweb Fotos und Infos über Orte in Vorpommern (German language only)
WorldGenWeb site for Mecklenburg Vopommern, Germany

German Maps/Gazeteers/Town Locators:

Atlas of the German Empire (1883) - Ravenstein
Bundeslandkarte - - Interactive Map (German language only)
Bundestag Constituency Maps
East and West Prussia Gazeteer
FEEFHS Map Room - German Empire - East (1882) - Pommern/Pomerania, Prussia (219K)
GenWeb Project - Map List
German Provincial Map Office Addresses and Map List
Germany 1871 -
Germany Maps
GOV - Genealogical Gazeteer
Historical Maps of Germany (18th century) - German
Höfer Verlag Map Store (German language only)
Interlink Bookshop and Genealogical Services
Interactive Maps - MSN Maps and Directions
Interactive Maps - MapQuest
Interactive Maps -
Interactive Maps - Stadtplandienst (German/English)
JewishGen ShtetlSeeker - Town Search
Kartenmeister Town Locator - East of Oder and Neisse Rivers
Landkarte der Ostsee-Region ( - Interactive (German language only)
List of Germany's cities-towns-municipialities
Maps and Atlases - Origins Genealogy Book Store
Maps Locating Village Churches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (German language only)
Mecklenburg Gazetteer and 1819 Census Guide
National Imaging and Mapping Agency's GeoNET Names Server
Oddens' bookmarks. The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
Pommersche Verein Friestadt Maps - Pommern/Pomerania
Pommern/Pomerania Maps - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Prussia Maps 1415-1914
Prussia Maps - 2 Maps
Prussian Provinces Maps and History (German language only)
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - Interactive Map (German language only)
The States of Germany

Genealogy-Germany, Pomerania/Pommern:

Die Euroregion Pomerania (German language only)
Genealogy in Historical East Germany - Agriculture in Pomerania, Hauke Fehlberg
German Genealogy Pommern - Pomerania -
Geschichte Pommerns - History of Pomerania
Hauptseite Cammin Pommern
MFP Pommernkontakte - Contact Database (German/English)
Pomerania - Information about (German/English)
Pomerania - Wikipedia
Pommern - Das Land am Meer - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Pommern - Pomerania - A Province of Prussia
Pommern/Pomerania Maps - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Pommern Surname Database
Pommerndatenbank Database Search (German/English)
Pommernkontakte -- The researcher database for genealogists in Pommern
Die pommerschen Pfarrarchive - Pommern church archives - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Die pommerschen Stadt- und Landkreise 1815-1945 - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Pommerscher Greif e.V. - Pomerern History and Resources (German language only)
Pommerscher Verein Friestadt (English/German)
Standesämter für Pommern - Civil offices - Gunthard Stübs (German language only)
Vorpommern Infoweb Fotos und Infos über Orte in Vorpommern (German language only)

Genealogy-Germany, Prussia/Preussen:

Familienforschung in WestPruessen, Hans Jürgen Wolf (German/English)
ORB Preussen-Chronik - Chronicle of a German State
Ostpreussen - East Prussia -
Pommern - Pomerania - A Province of Prussia
Prussia Genealogy Links
Prussia Maps 1415-1914
Prussia Maps - 2 Maps
Prussian Provinces Maps and History (German language only)
Prussian Research
RootsWeb PRUSSIA-ROOTS-L Mailing List Archives
Society for Genealogy in East and West Prussia - (German Langage only)

Genealogy - Illinois Genealogy:

Illinois Family History Research Place Names of Each Illinois County
Illinois Family History Research Place Names of the 33 Western Counties
Illinois Family History Research Place Names of the Northeast 25 Counties
Illinois Family History Research Place Names of the Southeast 44 Counties
Illinois Family History Research Timeline for Genealogy
Illinois Genealogy and History - USGENWEB
Illinois State Archives - Main page
Illinois State Archives - Online Databases
Illinois State Archives - Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
Illinois State Archives - Statewide Marriage Index (1763 - 1900)

Genealogy - Illinois-Boone County:

Boone County, Illinois Genealogy - The ILGenWeb Project
USGenweb 1850 Boone County Census
LDS FamilySearch© - Place details ('Illinois, Boone')

Genealogy - Mailing Lists:

Germany/Prussia - Mailing Lists
RootsWeb Genealogy Mailing Lists
RootsWeb Mailing Lists -- Interactive Search
RootsWeb Mailing List Search for PRUSSIA-ROOTS
RootsWeb PRUSSIA-ROOTS-L Mailing List Archives by Month

Genealogy - Reference Book Stores:

Pommern Genealogy Books and Maps - Pommerscher Verein Friestadt (English/German)
Origins - Publications in German
Origins - Genealogy Book Store
Verlag Degener and Co. (German language only)

Genealogy - Search, Interactive: On-line Search Message Boards
FamilySearch Internet - All Resources
FamilySearch Internet - International Genealogical Index
FOKO - Die Aktion Forscherkontakte der DAGV (German language only)
GedBas - Die genealogische Datenbasis (German language only)
GenWeb Archive Search

Genealogy - Search Firms/Researchers - Germany:

Ahnenforschung.Net - Das deutsche genealogische Webverzeichnis Berufsgenealogen (German language only)
Berlin and Brandenburg Genealogical Research - Markus Röhling M. Th.
Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank/Bremerhaven (German or English)
Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank/Bremerhaven (English shortcut)
Genealogy, Family Research - Westprignitz, Landsberg-Warthe, Warthebruch - Georg Grüneberg (German and English)
Germans to America - IGS Searches - Glazier and Filby Series (1850-1897)
Historical Research Services, Germany (Genealogy) - Jens Müller-Kuppe
IGS German Searches - Researchers' Addresses, Surnames, Location of Villages
Mecklenburgica - Archives - and Research - Karl-Heinz Steinbruch M.A.

Genealogy - Ship/Passenger Lists:

Cimorelli Enterprises - Ships Arriving US from Europe
Immigration and Ships Passenger Lists Research Guide
Immigrant Ship Information
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Main Page
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Departing from Germany
Palmer List of Merchant Vessels
RuthAnn's Passenger Lists Page
TheShipsList Home Page-Passenger Lists, Passenger Ships, Shipwrecks
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