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Johann Friedrich Thies (b. 16 Aug 1759)

The earliest Thies that I have been able to document in our family was Johann Friedrich Thies. He was known as Friedrich Thies.  According to the record of his death and the Mecklenburg Census of 1819 he was born at Lockstädt, Prussia (now in Prignitz Kreis, Brandenburg) on 16 August 1759.  Around 1787 Friedrich moved to Brunow in Mecklenburg.  He married Kathrine Maria Christina Ernst at Brunow on 27 October 1791.  To them were born five children:  Margaretha Maria Magdelena, Dorothea, Johann Hinrich, Kathrine Elisabeth and Johann Jochim.  Sometime between May 1800 and September 1808 Kathrine Maria Christina Thies passed away and Friedrich married his second wife Kathrina Marie Hein (or Heyn).  The family continued to reside in Brunow.  To them were born four children:  Kathrina Maria Magdelene, Jochim Friedrich, Jochim Friedrich Heinrich, and Löuise Christiana Kathrine.  In his early years Friedrich was a Pfänder (field inspector or field keeper) and Nachtwächter (night watchman).  In later years he was a Tagelöhner (daily farm worker).  Friedrich Thies died at Brunow on 31 December 1831.

Jochim Friedrich Thies (b. 28 Sept 1812)

The second child from Johan Friedrich Thies' second marriage Jochim Friedrich was born on 28 September 1812 at Brunow.  Jochim Friederich Thies became a Tagelöhner moving to the nearby village of Horst.  He married Johanne Marie Friedrike Brinckmann.  To them were born six children:  Johann Friedrich, Johann Jochim, Mathilde Magdelene Johanne, Georg Karl Adolph, August Christian Johann, and Georg Carl Jochim.  Johanne Marie Friedrike Thies (who was known as Friedrike) died 10 February 1855 at Horst.  After the death of Friedrike, Jochim Friedrich married Friedrike's older sister Christiane Marie Franziska Brinckmann (who was known as Christine).  They had one child together:  Heinrich Frederick Wilhelm.  Jochim Friedrich Thies died on 12 November 1863 at Horst.  Christine was still living at Horst in December 1867 when the Mecklenburg census was taken.  Her stepson Carl Thies, son Henry Thies, two grandsons by an earlier marriage and a daughter named Wilhelmine were living with her at that time.

Johann Friedrich Thies (b. 23 Jan 1841)

Jochim Friedrich Thies' eldest son Johann Friedrich Thies, known as Friedrich was born 23 January 1841 at Horst.  Like his father he was a Tagelöhner.  He worked across the border in Prussia (now Brandenburg), around the villages of Newhofs-Mollnitz, Neuhausen, and Reetz.  He married Minna Marie Louisa Dorothea Elss of Reetz, Prussia (now in Prignitz Kreis, Brandenburg) on 18 October 1865 at Bresch, Prussia (now in Prignitz Kreis, Brandenburg).  In 1867 Friedrich, Minna and their first two children (Joachim Heinrich and Johann Friedrich) emmigrated from Prussia to Chicago Illinois in the United States.  They lived in Chicago for three years where their third child Minnie Louise Hannah was born.  They moved to Belvidere Illinois in 1870 where they purchased land on which to live and farm.  Their other children:  Emma T., Mary D. Caroline, and Charles William were born in Belvidere.  The couple is thought to have had one other child named John.  Minna died 25 December 1887 in Belvidere.  On 16 January 1890 Friedrich remarried to Amalie Michaelis.  On 2 October 1895 he married again to Hanna M. Peters at Belvidere.  Hanna died 4 January 1913 at Belvidere.  Friederich lived on the same land that he purchased in 1870 until his death on 18 October 1916.

Johann Jochim Thies (b. 6 Mar 1843)

Johann Jochim Thies was born 6 March 1843 at Horst.  The last record that I have been able to find of him is his confirmation at Brunow in April 1857.  According to the obituary of his brother Johann Friedrich, Johann Jochim had already passed away at the time of Johann Friedrich's death in 1916.

Mathilde Magdelene Johanne Thies (b. 14 Aug 1845)

Mathilde Magdelene Johanne Thies was born 14 August 1845 at Horst.  The last record that I have been able to find of her is her confirmation in 1860 at Brunow.  According to the obituary of her brother Johann Friedrich she had already passed away at the time of his death in 1916.

Georg Karl Adolph Thies (b. 23 Apr 1848)

Georg Karl Adolph Thies, known as George was born 23 April 1848 at Horst.  He and his wife Marie Tolberson were married in 1870.  They immigrated to in Belvidere, Illinois sometime in the 1880's.  In 1888 they moved to Hague Township, Clark County, South Dakota where they purchased property and built up a farm.  They had five children:  Minnie, Marie, Herman, Carl and Charlie D.  Marie Thies died on 14 June 1920 at Clark, South Dakota and George Thies died on 14 May 1930.

August Christian Johann Thies (b. 31 Jan 1850)

August Christian Johann Thies, known as August was born 31 January 1850 at Horst.  He married Caroline Seefeldt in 1877.  They immigrated to Chicago in 1882 and moved on to Hague Township, Clark County, South Dakota in 1884 where they farmed.  They had eight children:  Wilhelm, Wilhelmina Marie Dorthea, Carl F., August W., Mary, Anna, Emma M., and August F.  Caroline Thies died on 7 March 1922 and August Thies died on 17 December 1927.

Georg Carl Jochim Thies (b. 12 Oct 1852)

Georg Carl Jochim Thies, known as Carl was born 12 October 1852 at Horst.  He married Marie Carolina Wilhelmina Rabe in 1880.  They immigrated to Belvidere, Illinois in 1881.  They lived in the Belvidere and Argyle areas until 1882 when they moved to Hague Township, Clark County, South Dakota where they farmed for 8 years.  They next farmed in Darlington Township in Iowa, before moving back to Clark County in 1913.  They had nine children:  Karl Martin Heinrichs, Lena Wilhelmina Henrietta, Wilhelm George Johann, Sophia J., Emma Josephine Henrietta, Hermina Emilia Johanna, Anna Dorothea Carolina and a twin to Anna who died at birth.  Marie Thies died on 18 May 1924 at Watertown, South Dakota and Carl Thies died on 30 August 1939 at Watertown, South Dakota.

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Thies (b. 4 Aug 1859)

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhlem Thies, known as Henry was born 4 August 1859 at Horst.  He married Lena A. Wagner.  They immigrated to America sometime in the 1880's and settled in Lake Township, Clark County South Dakota in 1885 where they farmed.  They had six children:  Frieda, Minnie, Henry Carl, Carl August Martin Wilhelm Theodore, Otto and Walter. Lena died on 13 June 1895 after being struck by a runaway team of horses.  Heinrich married Ida Emma Magdalene Waldow in 1900.  The couple had three children: William, Albert T. and Herman.  Heinrich Thies died on 24 Novenber 1918 and after remarrying, Ida died on 21 May 1948.

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